Monday, November 7, 2011

Wine-o Monday

I have wine in my blood, literally my mom drank red wine when I was still in da womb and I continued to sip it until I started to guzzle it from stolen bottles at age 15.  Then I went to Tuscany (sighhhh*), where wine is cheaper than water = the birth of true wino-dum.  Now, I don't discrimination against any kind of liquor and that includes wine, I love it all, most of the time.  As of late, I have been obsessed with Sauvignon Blonc, it's very light and crisp and after about 1.5 glasses your about to sing to your cat, while watching re-runs of glee.  sweet life.   Any who, I have found that Sauv Blonc's from Marlborough, New Zealand are especially tantalizing and here are two that are under $15.00, unless you have problems and buy a case (guilty).  Add wine and cheese for extra special results.

Here's my lil wine store, isn't he cute?

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