Wednesday, May 9, 2012


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Met Ball 2012

     If I could go to one event in all my life, I would go to the Met Ball and you better believe I would dress the part. (I know I said Coachella would be my one event last week, but I changed my mind, forgive me.)  Anyway, one thing I love about this particular event is that one must dress ludicrous (not the rapper) with a side of haute couture.  This is a time to take fashion risks, this is not the Oscars; that being said, I get very upset when people who are invited and are boring show up looking like they be at da PROM.  Obviously Leah Michelle fell into that category ALAS...I will be commenting on some outfits.


THIS IS HOW YOU DON"T DRESS FOR THE MET BALL: insert prom joke. hahaha
The prettiest girl alive, da dress is ok.

I hate you so much.

THE avengers broke harry potters opening record and I am not pleased

I love this so much, I wanna be a mermaid (hate your shoes)

I can see your naughty bits

You are feeling very sleeeepy

I don't know how to say this but, you're not Paris Hilton and your old.

Lezzie loving


Inspired by 50 shades of grey and twilight everyone.

Beyonce's sister, loving on yellow

This is very awesome, yet flattering and you're funny. You win.

You're not edie sedgwick, I'm glad we had this talk.

Hard to tell, I'll ask Casper

Me likey, so sparkly

ga ga oh ra ra MARY KATE looking like Karl Lagerfeld.

Where are your sheep bo beep a leep? Also who is this?

My favorite look of the evening, this fraulein can do no wrong.

HELP ME I'm reallyyyy high, stop looking at me?!

"when I see you a cold play song plays in my heart" Girls

Oh LAWDDD. NO.  Will end on this monstrosity. NO


In conclusion yellow and sparkles seemed to be a big theme color/texture wise and the pendulum skirt thingy, also a lot of birds died to make this event happen so let's take a moment and remember the lives lost.  All in all, people are what they wear...if you're a boring ass hoe, then you don't dress like a alien/monster/mermaid at the met ball and therefore I hate you. Ciao for now!

Big Apples: NYC

My little mush bear, before she snapped her debit card in half.

Jennie and I

City womanzzz

Roof Top

"where's my other shoeee"
Ladies who lunch

My first macaroons, overrated (sorry about it)

Subway hurdles

My hair color here: Ginger Biscuits
The pizza that launched a thousand ships

Semi-surprised she ordered this...the giant mimosa will be credited!

Missed my mega bus...hopped a train down the Hudson

Yes, I know you missed me creatures!