Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scallop e Vino

Sauteed Spinach with lemon and salt
Grilled Scallops.
That was hard

Hollow Ground

House of Jenna Lyons President of J Crew by fashionolgie

Interview Magazine

WildFox S/S2011 "Omg I have to eat pizza, but why..this is weird?"
anna laub via elle

My dream hair-do...dirty, braids, and dead animals. PURRfect

Florence Welsh

Florence and the Machine has a new record and after downloading it last night, I cannot stop listening to it.  I am jamming to it while in my cubicle, editing reports and searching for articles and I may or may not be dancing. JOY

Now, I am the kind of person who murders songs, like Dexter/ Zodiac Killer status; I play it on repeat until I and whoever is around me is physically and emotionally unable to listen to my victim.  Sadly, I have decided to murder this whole cd, my first victim is Shake it out and Heart line; but I'm sure in a few days I will be in to the next.

I first heard of Florence and the Machine, while studying abroad in Florence. WERID.  A few friends visited me from Ireland and could not shut up about the atherian goddess that is Florence Welsh.  Naturally, I was hooked and when I returned home it was only a matter of time before the band invaded the New World.  As it turns out, Florence and the Machine became so popular in the US, that they were up to win artist of the year at the Grammy's!  They were competing with great musicians like Justin bieber and Drake...but they were competing none the less.  Anyway, I sort of have a girl crush on Florence Welsh, so here's some visual delights to awakened your pupils to my obsession. SIDE NOTE: Purchase the new album, Ceremonials prolly now/yesterday and wait while the dubbers make little dubstep heaven from her songs.

Photo Cred: untitled records, cuetheartist, and youtube

Shake it out Florence and the Machine