Monday, November 11, 2013


Newbury Street Shopping in Boston MA

St Mike's Gals
Morning on the beach in Southie

What a view

Wild things

We only took pictures on Sunday...


Love these guys

City folk in search of the rare, bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel

Baby face
My new crock pot! Just call me the new crock pot queeeen

Pulled pork too 
My other favorite purchase, my new juicer fav combo (ginger apple kale & carrots)

Hats and Sneaks

I saw the coolest pair of new balance sneaks on a girl in boston, I started searching for them and came across these fashion forward women in sneaks, very garbage can chic!  Although I saw no hats in boston, I'm really into a stevie nicks hat moment and love seeing these looks all over!

Images via because im addicted and honestly wtf