Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Celebrity Fragrances: A brief History

Since the dawn of time celebrity's have been making fragrances; such as, the hottie cave girl perfume called Fur, which was a lovey scent of berries infused with a hint of womanly must.  Also for the "it" cave guy we have Grunt, which is a not so lovely scent, but definitely manly.  The scent is deer pee infused with the essence of dirt and just a hint of fennel.  Anyway, you get the point, celebrity fragrances go back to the dawn of civilization and continued to the end of it...the 90's; cue bad Paris Hilton jokes... remember her?  Well, she basically started the term franchise and the idea that "celebrity's" all must have a fragrance.  After Paris, we have real celebrity's like Britney and Justin making fragrances, then something terrible happens EVERYYYY herb with 15 minutes creates a truly heinous fragrance and it ain't smelling so sweet.  Alas, here are a few of my favorites.

BAHAHAHAHAHA UNbreakable, the bond between white V and black P HAHAHAHAHAHA
Justin Bieber.  I think I just retched.  I mean wow it takes an extremely secure (gay) seventeen year old boy to come-out (pun-intended) with a perfume that is a pink flower and smells like dick-cheese.
Look at that bald head in all it's glory, you want to know what this ad is telling me?  If you want to be bald wear this cologne; then, just maybe, you'll die hard.  Man, this guy must have a worst PR guy than Lindsay Lohan/ Michael Lohan.