Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Simon and Garfunkel

Sharpie tats

Downtown troy

Downtown Troy

Full Moon Friday Night

Church art in the burgh (risked my life for this pic)

First Ice Cream of the season from Snowman's!
A escapee, with a stylish waistline
My neighbors sheep farm, spring lambys out and about
Sunday afternoon at the theater: JERSEY BOYZZZ

The most excellent name for a coffee shop (noted)

Sweet Street

Sunday brother...(IS ANYONE ALIVE OUT THERE)

This weekend was very relaxing and very uneventful; Friday I went to a nice restaurant I loved in November and hyped like a fiend, only to go and be completely disapointed; minus the wine list. BOO RAFFA. Saturday I went to see the movie Tim Riggins (John Carter), which was  good despite the rumors, but I'm bias, I love a good Disney/pixar film. SUE ME.  After that I got ice cream and took pictures of lambs/goats, as seen above.  Sunday I saw the play Jersey boys and it was great!