Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Here's some pictures from my new years eve week-cation.  I had a SMALL get together that involved a real fire, jingle juice and some kind of whiskey that harry potter invented?  I think it's called firebolt ( I recommend you do and don't try it all at once).  The theme of my little post is redneck, if you can see the correlation you get a prize.

( Please sing to the tune of..)Joy to the world, I have no work A WHOLE WEEK OFF, YOU SEE!!!

Brother and Vicki enjoying my Jingle Juice
Jingle Juice looking very classy, when that's actually the antithesis of what it is.
I tweeted that I shot a deer, as a joke; this is my friends response. SOS
Little east coast chopper
A tractor

Brother and Vicki

Baby Woodys

I call this masterpiece, "blue camel-toe"
Prosecco. JOY

Lovies enjoying a candlelit dinner

Happy New Year, I hope I never see nog or a xmas cookie ever again.

I stupidly went to the mall of Albany yesterday and had approximately three panic attacks. Bright side, I did get this sweet sweater/robe/garbagebag = I look like an olsen for realzzz
I wasn't going to add any pets to this post, but would you look at this poser?!  He currently is at the vet, PLEASE PRAY!
Photos by me