Thursday, September 6, 2012

end of summer / fall inspirations

The transition between summer and fall is my favorite, probably because I dress like it's fall all year round and I insist on wearing sweaters in 90 degree heat. Judging from the pics I am truly digging above, looks like I will need to get a leather everything and invest in a chunky necklace that looks like a medieval torture device.  I'd also like to trend predict chunky everything this season, everything from sweaters to boots to pizza.  What can I say I'm a maverick,

 Imagines Via tumblr, because im addicted, honteslywtf and le fashion

weekenders: wedding edition

Caitlin's engagement party

Chris and Caitlin cutting the cake!

Cocktail hour at the O'Brien wedding

delicate flowers

The beautiful bride
my bfs
More cake cutting
Megan eating her second slice of Brooklyn heaven cake to go, after proclaiming she is marrying the confection.

Fair treats!!! (blooming onion and fried dough not pictured :/)

Old tractors

6 day old jersey cow
Chic show chicken

big green tractor

jane deere (hahaha)

play ball

 Images via HonestlyWTF and 5inches and up.


Mush and her new fav bar

beach babes

Alyssa paddle boarding
Megan pouring more champs

happy clams

night owls

bright and early at mary-lous!!
mermaid bra
best frandsss

Scituate harbor

Skipper Mush

Epitome of class and sophistication
Scituate lighthouse with Boston in the background.

Two weekends ago I went to Boston's north end, then headed to Alyssa's hometown of Scituate, Ma.  We had a great time that involved beaching it up, boating, hugging fat babies, night skinny-dipping, drinking wine and procecco and finally eating lobster rolls.  All in all we had the best time ever and I can't wait to get back there soon!