Thursday, February 10, 2011

Loco Lohan

           Heres the thing, I've had it with Lindsay Lohan.  I know, I know, she's the train wreck we can't look away from but, god woman, chill.  I literally cannot hear one more outrageous thing about her or I may go insane its like Lohan media overload.  Also, how many chances can you give one moronic ginger in one lifetime, christ.  This girl could be found in a crack den surrounded by dead babies with the bloody knife in her hand and she'd still make bail and then get acquitted.  I mean, I think I'm going to move to California and start committing crimes, at least I'd get a book deal out of it.  I see something wrong with a state that allows the Lohans to run around free and Justin Bieber to be famous, but won't allow a couple of gays to get married, like as if.  My solution lets go back to Jeffersonian Democracy and get Lindsay and her ankle bracelet outta here or at least subject her to a public tar and feathering.

PS- That girl on the bottom right is not Lindsay, it's me this Halloween!  Girl I love you, but clean it up you should only blackout like three times a week not seven!  Loco Lohan you used to be so garbage can chic, come back to mama.

Learn how to park your car. You're being judged.

I'm a documentary buff. I think they are the most innovative mediums that capture uniqueness in its prime. Besides the fact that I'm conducting one myself for my senior seminar, I've been watching as many as I can to influence my own personal style and ways to seize a subject in its essential character. The most recent doc film I'll rave about is "The Parking Lot Movie". In a brief synopsis, I can say that right outside the campus of UVA is an offbeat parking lot that despises the epidomy of pink and green sorority bros and refusal to pay for overtime parking. These guys are down to earth, claiming the parking lot has taught them the meaning of what's most important in life--lack of materialistic mayhem that supposedly ups the stock of any college broad. I would be lying if I didn't say I'd be honored to join this team of elite parking attendents.
Here's a clip. Because the trailer doesnt do the lifestyle of these particular parking attendents any justice.
And yes--it is owned by PBS but I promise that it is not your average knowledgable piece that boars you after the first 10 minutes.
If anything, it will make you re-think about your actions in public and lack of notice as you belittle others when least expected. Some of the attendents are actually good looking as well.