Monday, April 11, 2011

Music Monday (Sorry for our hiatus, but we've been busy blacking out and having a "life")

1.) Ray Lamontagne "New York Cities Killing Me"
2.) The Decemberists"Carry It All"
3.) Wiz Khalifia "No Sleep" (notable obsession since 2010"The Thrill")
4.) Chris O'brien "Light House"
5.) Bob Marley " Waiting in Vain" (I know, I know it's old, but it describes my soul)
6.) Radiohead "Codex" (new album is just as depressing as this song)
7.) Grace Potter & the Nocturnals "One Short Night"
8.) John Mayer "L.A. Song"
9.) Marina & the Diamonds "Robot" ( The remix is amazeballs as well)
10.) The Donnis Trio "Tip of my Tongue"

Is that me being emo? Probably, I hate people and generally all other things ^-^

Ok, I realize I have a strange sense of music compared to my fellow rolling/candyflipping/schrooming techno generation.  Sorry for wishing I was 21 in 1993 and sorry for weeping as a song plays, instead of "feeling the rhythm, feeling the rhyme, come on boys its bobsled time."  Ya get me? Prob not, so here's Alyssa's Music Monday choices, which all you hipsters will surely enjoy.

1.) Dan Brown "Ecstasy"
2.) Emancipator "When I Go"
3.) Thievery Corporation " Lebanese Blonde"
4.) Yolanda be Cool "Afro Nuts" ( A++)
5.) The XX "You've Got the Love Remix"
6.) Bonobo "Kiara"
7.) Animal Collective "My Girls"
8.) Waka Flocka " No Hands" ( Because it nevvvver gets old)
9.) Miike Snow "Animal Punks Jump Up Remix"
10.) Coeur De Pirate "Comme Des" (We both go ape shit for this song and you will too, it's more exciting when you don't understand it and people think you're hip when really your just a fucking weirdo"

Alyssa generally is friendly and weird; however, my emo-ass is slowly eroding her warn, fuzzy, soul; as seen here.  She's basically Curt Cobain in a blanket.