Thursday, February 23, 2012

Party Crasher: Ron Paul 2012

       With the conclusion of the Arizona Primary, I am more sure than ever that Ron Paul is this countries only option for economic stabilization and eventual growth.  This has nothing to do with political parties and has everything to do with America and finding a way out of debt and finding our identity again.  My problem with politics is that, for lack of a better word it is so darn political and I think that is where the problem begins.  In my opinion, political parties create a line of division among the American people and I am not immune to this.  Why is it people are so sensitive about politics?  I myself never had a use for them, considering in my younger days people were really just giving their parents opinions; which makes sense, since we were too green to understand anything anyway.  That being said, I am a little more brown in the ways of the world.  I myself have just graduated college and hear my friends complain about not being able to find jobs, being in boatloads of debt and being unable to establish credit.  However, I think the problem with this country goes fair beyond being unable to swap their Dad's Platinum amex for their very own credit card.  It goes to the falseness of our culture, lack of freedom and the sheer division of people.
             In our country we value things over all else and people live outside their means to accumulate the latest and greatest.  I think that out government spends like we do, too much. A government should not be spending 100 billion dollars on a war that has not even been declared a war by Congress.  As a historian of sorts, I find it extremely annoying that the federal government has grown so out of control, considering this country was one of the greatest experiments and triumphs in history.  I personally believe this is not a new development; however, people are finally opening their eyes to the corruption of the United States government.  Our government, in it's essence is unconstitutional and that is where Ron Paul comes in.
         Ron Paul as the New York Times said, is a sort of "party crasher", he himself has stated he has no use for political parties.  I find Ron Paul one of the most consistent and refreshing politicians of my young life for the sheer reason that he is the only candidate who answers the tough questions, such as "How are you going to fix this country?"  Ron Paul has stated in many debates smart and sort of simple ideas to fix the economy, such as: end the war in Iraq, end federal taxes, phase out the IRS, return the gold standard and other obvious ideas.  That is five more ideas than I have heard from every other candidate running and I have watched approximately five debates.  In last night's political debate, Romney and Santorum gave lengthy rhetoric speeches on how they are the men for the job (president) and banter back and forth like sorority sisters while, Paul sits back waiting for his moments to impart on us his tidbits of truth.  Although, I do not agree with everything Paul has to say, the more times I hear him speak in debates the more I love what he represents..  Not only does he speak about 20 percent of the whole debate, when he finally speaks he speaks wisely, unlike Romney who will say anything and is sort of a huge contradiction(Why doesn't anyone mention Romney's march with Ted Kennedy for healthcare?).  As far as Santorum is concerned, he is not a concern; he's a man who wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, but also wants make birth control illegal...that is sort of counterproductive if you ask me.
       My biggest problem with the republicans candidates and their morality speeches, is how much religion is apart of their campaigns.  I'm concerned that people are putting so much emphasis on a unborn fetus, when real American men and women are dying in the middle east, for what?  The most infuriating stance of Conservatives like Newt, Romney and Santorum is their views on Iran and Syria.  They all openly stated that if they were president they would already be involved with a war in Iran over Weapons of Mass Destruction.  The last thing this country needs is another resource sucker, like the Iraq war; which is why we are in debt in the first place.  Our country needs to look at itself and not worry about what everyone else is doing, because in my experience the only country to ever use a Nuclear Weapon was the USA and all this fear leads to the infringement of freedom (Patriot Act).  Let's get back to what used to be great about this country: Liberty, Freedom and Justice; but let's also stay with the times and use what we've learned!  This isn't a game, I just want some truth with my side of politics, Ron Paul 2012, we can make this country great!