Tuesday, December 20, 2011


This weekend I went to visit some college friends up in Burlington, Vermont.  I went to college around there, but it is way better when you're in walking distance from Church Street.  I just went up for the night to pal around and dance in the Metronome at Nectar's. After, dancing the night away to remixed 90's rap songs (think "my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun" mixed with likkkkke passion pit?) We returned home ate our left over Vietnamese and watched bravos list of scariest movies til 5 am (SO NESS). Saturday I woke up not being able to breathe, because my friends turned the heater up to hot yoga standards and left me out on the couch to die. RUDE.  After, that I woke up and got my hair did at Jack Huntley (particularly the reason I went to Burlington) this color bar is awesome and does whatever you want and it's cheap.  Then I ate lunch at Red Onion...mostly the reason I went to Burlington.  Then we shopped around and I left, returning home to my mother and cat; where I was convinced to attend a lady's dinner, in which the main course was red wine.  Qbviously I obliged since I love old ladies and a good bottle a red.  We went to an Italian restaurant where my mom and co made hilarious jokes only to be caught awkwardly by the young waiter, making it all more hilarious.  Sunday I watched the greatest holiday movie the Family Stone and painted my nails. Riveting.

Make it straight make it eeevann
Festive Church Street

Why are we at Akes Place?
Erin and ??
Dancing our faces off at Nectar's w/ SANTA...can you find him?
Jack Huntley

Catching WiFi off mah foils
Red Onion Red Onion and Errrun

The one and only, I'll probably name my children after you.
Cute owls that cost an arm and a leg in Stella

Muddy Waters

Church Street decorated for Xmas, Burlington Vermont
HARK HOW THE BELLS, sweet silver bells
Sunday morning boyfrannnd

Homemade eggnog latte, self manicure and the family stone on fox. JOY

Kitty Purry looking extra aloof. CHIC