Friday, December 2, 2011

Trend Report: French Bulldogs

Today's post was originally going to be about celebrity dogs and the top breeds among celebrities.  As I was "researching" I remembered that one of my favorite celebrities has a french bulldog; as I googled Ashley Olsen's pooch I realized every celebrity, D-lister, and their mother has a french bull dog. Thus, this post is about how chic french bulldogs are and how necessary they are as a accessory...though I am partial to golden retrievers named Hunter.  Prepare yourself for cute dogs galore!



When accessories fight back (bulldog bite)

What I'd give to be a pooch in the arms of an Olsen and chew their vast collection of louboutins

Side note from French bulldogs to human celebrity owners: Dear Owner, I know you used too have chiwawa's when Paris Hilton was famous, but ditched them at the pound when I (the much chicer french bulldog came along), but remember I weigh around thirty pounds and can't breathe when you hold me or stuff me into a Birkin and I LIKE TO WALK! Sincerely, French Bulldog

The ultimate Pooch-mas present: A request to the universe, boyfriend, parents, and santa? Please!

 So there you have it people, if you didn't know you're not cool without a french bulldog that you carry around Southern California like a doll with a Venti iced mocha latte in one hand and it's shit in a bag in the other.  So all you trend chasers who have a teacup poodle, yorkie, morkie, chiwawa or better yet teacup anything; you better upgrade to a frenchie or you look OLD.

Photo cred: olsen anon and Google search

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