Thursday, February 24, 2011

j'adore bitches.

I love bitches and I ain't talking about dogs here.  I love girls who are badass and truly don't give a fuck, they are effortless and get what they want while acting like they don't want anything.  The best way to explain a the kind of bitch I'm talking about would be through TV.  Now there are many kinds of bitches, there are unoriginal bitches who are just mean and I hate that kinda bitch, I like bitches who aren't mean to people they are honest and do what they want.  Here are some examples.

Kristin from Laguna Beach
Oh Kristin you are such an annoying bitch, but christ you get what you want and you don't care who you piss off.  Yes she may have talked shit a little too much, but it was always true?  I disliked her on the Hills, but on Laguna Beach she was in her prime.  Lauren was a pathetic puppy for Steeeeee-vann, while Kristen gave them both the run-around making Steven like her more and Lauren like her less.  

Deb Morgan from Dexter
This is my favorite bitch on television nooo joke, google her right now and listen to her potty mouth in action.  She says the most disgusting things, I aspire to talk as dirty as deb.  She's a huge bitch and basically hands men their balls everyday, because she can and she's that badass.

Effy Stonum from Skins

This chick inspires me and she's 17 years old, so you would think I lead a boring, meaningless life; however, you wold be wrong.  If you have seen BRITISH SKINS you know what I'm talking about, I love everything this girl says, thinks, wears, and inhales.  Now since I'm in America and Skins is a new show on MTV I have to specify.  American Skins is so stupid, it would be more worth your time to get a spinal tap then sit through MTV's sad attempt to recreate the best cast of sex-crazed and drug-addicted collegiates ever to exist.  However, you can't blame MTV, instead blame the Wasps who built this country on hard-work and chastity, NO better yet blame bloody mary and the other crazy catholics of England....or just blame Luther...or his mother haha.  Anyway I want to be Effy and strive to be just like her, she cares about nothing and effortlessly does everything perfect...she's actually the opposite of me.

Heres some Effy fashion...sort of Grudge Glam 

SO to conclude....Bitches is Bitches, but there are many kinds of bitches.  SO, don't be a mean bitch be a carefree awesome bitch.  Ciaoo chickens


TopShop has the greatest jewelry right now and it's so cheap its almost unfair; I feel like I'm stealing from Kate Moss herself.  When I say I'm stealing from Kate Moss, what I mean is, I feel like I'm stealing from TopShop and since everyone in America thinks of Kate Moss when you say TopShop your stealing from her, which creates a inflation for the coke dealers in London.  So go on and buy some juzz so Kate Moss can feed her addiction and her child.  Also, when I say cheap, I mean everything is under 45 dollars.
I like that these are mismatched earrings, I myself do this often, but I've never seen them mismatched to buy.

I used to make wire jewelry and its pretty easy to do, just take a little rock or gem and tie wire around it with a hook to attached to a gold chain and VOILA!

I love coins!!!!

Fish sculls can be found in the garbage can and its cool, that means it's garbage can chic.

I love a good clusterfuck, actually thats a huge lie.  There's nothing I hate more than crowds and people, but when it comes to jewelry I love a clusterfucked-up mess.

Ohh pretty

Hammered underrated.

This is from the gods themselves, Hermes deff wore this everyday as he flew around Mt Olympus.  Get it it looks Greek.