Wednesday, November 2, 2011

TODAY will never be here again

Hello Chickens, I have decided to give you a list of things to do.  I love lists, I especially love making lists including things I've already accomplished, JUST to cross them off vigorously and feel accomplished. What?? know you do that too!  I decided to share a few things in my life I'm currently getting jiggy with.

1.) The Hunger Games Book Series By: Suzanne Collins.  I love a good book series, since my whole childhood revolved around JK Rowling's watch.  This is a quick and addicting read.  It's about a 4th grade reading level, perfect for those of you who struggle with words and it's going to be a movie (probably in 3-D).

2.) Typing ROTFL : This in of itself is hilarious. I must have missed this whole bandwagon on AIM, because I just heard about it and now find it totally necessary to say in conversions via text and human to human. Example:
Via Text:  "Hey watch out mom, if you don't move your car I'll cut your hair at night to resemble a more manly version if Justin Bieber. ROTFL!"
Via Human or in this case Dog: "much to good for children" while eating steak at dinner as my pooch whines and begs ROTFL

3.) Blogs to read : The Blonde Salad, I love this blog and I'm obsessed with this lil senora

4.) Clean yo narsty Make-up Brushes:  I just learned from a dear dear friend @MelanieSietz, that is it terribly disgusting to not clean your make-up brushes.  She said one must clean a make-up brush once a week with shampoo and warm water to not get acne!  Izz that my problem? Oh shit, not anymore, this morning I tried it out and you should too! GLOW ON NOW!

5.) Forever 21 Shoes: Look fly on the cheap 12 instead on one measly Dolce Vita Boot.

Why hello there are you Frye?  No your made of plastic and cost about as much as my lunch. JOY

Sorry for just ordering you.  It's like Heidi met Thor and they made a warm shoe for me and my epically long stupid winter ahead.

I love electric blue. So hot right meow.
As if it weren't cheap enough, they went and put it on sale yawlzz
These are perfect for every gold diggin' hoe ROTFL

Well Well Well, what do we have here?   This creature looks awesome and terrible all at once = must have ROTFL

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