Tuesday, October 23, 2012

building terrariums

Last week I built some terrariums with my mother who got hooked a few weeks earlier, when she found a new shop in downtown Troy completely dedicated to terrariums.   They are the perfect special gift for someone who has everything and for whom you'd like to spend some extra time on and let your creative outlet shine.  Below are some pictures of six terrariums in the making, my mom made three and I made three.  I made one for my best friends birthday (I couldn't wait and gave it to her three weeks early...I have that problem), a housewarming gift for some friends and an anniversary gift for my boyfriend.  My mom made three for two 60th birthdays and a housewarming gift as well.
Collecting moss for the terrariums 

The Botanic Gardens in Troy Ny

The plants

Plant surgery

Finished project
How to Build terrariums

1.) Buy supplies you will need the glass vase with a top, I got mine at Home Goods.  You need the top because the plants/air/dirt create an ecosystem all its' own.

2.) You need rock, charcoal, dirt, moss, and special plants ( I would also recommend using tongs)
       Place rocks at the bottom, then a thin layer of charcoal and then special mixed dirt.  After that place the plants and moss however you like in the vase.

3.) Mist the plants with a spray bottle and add geodes or pretty rocks if you want.

4.) Put on the top and enjoy your own personal ecosystem

Monday, October 15, 2012

Harbored Images: Some from nyfw

images via honestly wtf, because I'm addicted and studded hearts


Finin sisters out to dinner at Risotto

German fare at an Octoberfest 

Pea Pesto Croissanti 

Fall Foliage 

The greatest "giant coffees" from a new breakfast watering hole

Can't get over these mason jar coffees

Eggs florentine 
Pan seared pork loin and cabbage sweet potato slaw


Apple puff pastry

Quinoa with peppers, beans and sauteed leeks

My little cuddle buddies

Tom and I at the stop of Stratton Mtn
First SNow

New JK Rowling book and a cat!


Pretty foliage