Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nail Snails


This looks like a lot of work/ money for something that I manage to chip off and destroy in about five days.  However, these nails are awesome and some you could achieve at home (jazz up your thanksgiving eve outfit!)

Photo Cred: WAh Nails and OMG Nails

Marshall's Finds

Oh just a yak fur bag (I didn't buy it it's $150.00) Who am I kidding, no one in Clifton park will buy this bag = LARGE discount and alas the yak bag is mine all mine! Muahahaha

Who who who who
Little Owl Cards Perfect for holiday thank you notes!

Cat food dish shaped like my favorite snack...goldfish!
I love Marshall's, it could be because of many factors.  I am poor but like nice things, my mother has been dragging me there since I was born, and shopping in the capital region blows (no off the ave and no nordstrom rack (my fav), or urban.  We have a mall that has an abercrombie, hollister, and macys though (KILL ME).

I used to only get clothes and shoes at Marshall's, but have become obsessed with every bit of the store.  Like anything, you have to search for the stuff you like through the trenches of garbage; but, if you look you shall find some little treasures just for you.