Friday, April 20, 2012


Been road biking a lot lately, took this shot while in motion. Ya.

Drank my blood orange martini so fast, didn't have time for a before shot

My cousins farm fresh eggs

My mother skied Tucker man's ravine. Bad Ass Bitch.


Made this heavenly lunch yesterday.

Braids and Bread

        I have always been a huge fan of braids; however, I didn't have sisters to practice on or patience to learn.  I did learn to fishtail this summer and it was life changing.  There really is nothing like a messy braid on a hot summer night or cool spring day.  Which made me think of bread...I love bread and I love braids and here are some breads that could inspire some fashion friendly hair!

This is a regular blondie braid.

This is an ombre hair in right now!

This is a fishtail  hair bread, stuffed with fruit and cheese could you die?
Images Via Honestly WTF and Tumblr.