Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Below find a list of my rants and raves this week.

1.) 50 shades of shit, this is a book (if you can even call it that) that apparently is full of kinky sex and bad grammar, it was also inspired by Twilight, which makes it ten times worse.  I'd like to make a generalization that the readers of this book seem to be old and somewhat under sexed or are reading it because people seriously won't shut up about it.  I'm mad at myself for even acknowledging this fad.  Anyways, I haven't read it and I won't read it and if any of the Lost Generation authors were still alive, they would probably slap the literature-killing woman who wrote this book.  What scares me most about this "fad" is that now guys will think girls want electrical shock waves flowing through their nipple rings, which is not the case and if it is, you should see a therapist or go to Guantanamo bay. In conclusion no, this book is nothing like Harry Potter, in fact no book is like Harry Potter just because it's a series.  Also, no I haven't read it and there's no need to be shocked because, "I read a lot of books," because like you so wisely inquired I read a lot of BOOKS, not weird alien porn. 

2.) TOWELS, I am so creepy into beach towels and there are so many cute ones out there.

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3.) Eating at a restaurant and the food tasting like you're at IHOP.  I have never been to IHOP; which I'm sort of proud of, but I hate going to a semi-nice restaurant and spending semi a lot of money and the being less than ecstatic.  This happened to me last week, I brought two friends (one I haven't seen in a while) to a favorite spot of mine and the food was so lackluster I was embarrassed for raving about it.  Also my friend had a panic attack from some weird massage oil her hair dresser put on her and we thought she was allergic to something, then we all sort of thought we were hallucinating and we had to leave early, after sending back all the food.  I digress.

4.) GUILT I have been on a spending binge on all those stupid online shopping deal site IE Hautelook ruelala and guilt....needless to say I need to chill and cut up my credit cards/Ethernet cord.

5.) Game of thrones. I joined the craze and I am so into it and I think a lot of people do.  I consider myself a medieval connoisseur, since I have a largely pointless minor in Medieval Studies and I think it's hilarious.  I guess you could call this medieval; however, it's more like the hobbit meets Saladin crusading and Hadrian's wall.  If you watch it and you get that reference, we should be best friends.
This chic woman nurses dragon babies, what can you do?