Sunday, April 27, 2014


Pretty blooming trees in Troy

Magnolia Tree outside my apartment
Happy Easter!

Sweet table decoration made by my Aunt Linda

Tea time

36 mile ride on Easter Sunday

Mom and Dylan came too!

Mogul went for a swim

Relaxing with the pooch

Toms new zero turn

Daffodil picking at toms grandparents

Found Pussy Willows too!

Pats & Cats in windws

Megan and the pussy willows

Fancy Martinis from the Malt room in Troy

Sunday royals


The greatest picture ever taken: MY PEOPLE in a ralph lauren ad

Pretty Views everywhere in Lake Placid, NY

rolling deep with my homies

Me and walsh at the lake placid golf club

Tom and I (Olympic ski jumps in the background)

Dartying on roof tops 

Lake Placid Brewery

Ready to watch some can am hockey!

Coach Debo

Jay's Cougars

Iris on a rock over looking mirror lake

Strolling to the rink for some more hockey

My favorite lil minion, she will never be cold skiing again in this subterranean parka 

Getting some ice cream at the Noonmark in Keene

Mister Mogul missed us

Can't forget Potter

Picture Purge

Fleetwood mac

exposed beams and a hanging fireplace

cute nb sneaks

doe a deer

Pretty pie

My girl joan didone , been binge reading her all month

scoop of flowers

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Sunshine and Palms 

Cheeeers we have arrived!

Beach trolling

Beach Bums
Happinessssss is sunshine on your shoulders 
View from Mel's Pool

Bass Museum fundraiser! 

The picture of sophistication and class

Megan enjoying the hanging Alexander McQueen butterfly dress

Free drinks at Mel's work event, Beats after Sundown
The very best vacation buddy, my lil croissant 
Palms and sunshine

Selfies, before dinner

Prettiest soul sisters at the Delano Hotel

Can I live in this backyard forever 

Mel Meg and I 


And were never leaving

Ready for a twenty dollar cocktail, oh yes we are!
A view from above

LA la laaa

Ciao Miami you were wonderful, we will miss the cuban coffee corditas most!