Sunday, February 9, 2014

Whitefish, Montana!

Me and rach at Glacier National Park 

-4 can't stop us!

Tom and Kris enjoying the amazing view

Bear Country // Montana

Rebels without a cause, just standing in the road

Famous view of Big mountain via main street in Whitefish

Kris the Killer's garage, some seriously large beasts in there!

Double shot cappuccino thanks to Cowgirl coffee, they love their expresso in Montana!

Big Moutain, Montana

Kris, Rach, Tom and I

Shredding the Knar knar with my Rach Rach

The boys about to dive into some pow

There goes tom!

Tom and I (Todays his Bday,  talk about a good birthday week!)
Wild Thanggggs

Those trees though...i just wanted to hug em

These pictures don't do the place justice, so gorgeous 

Random Jesus, praying for snow

Apre ski at the Beerstube
We made some pots

Kris and his USA maple leaf, GO USA!

The finished painted pottery, I think my puff paint got a lil took puffy.

Winter Carnival in Whitefish, MT

Parade peeps

Catching kookie and candy and stuff

This was a cute rabbit horse, it's head and ears were huge on a little body (scientifc name: A Mule)

Mush Dogs
No joke Wayne Newton closed the parade, haha he and his wife were in all fur.

More backcountry ski shots

View of Whitefish Lake

View of Glacier from Big Moutain

Cute sign in Kris's mom's antique store
Buh bye Montana, you were magical, awesome, fun and I LOVE YOU...this is a pic of Chicago haha