Sunday, April 13, 2014


Sunshine and Palms 

Cheeeers we have arrived!

Beach trolling

Beach Bums
Happinessssss is sunshine on your shoulders 
View from Mel's Pool

Bass Museum fundraiser! 

The picture of sophistication and class

Megan enjoying the hanging Alexander McQueen butterfly dress

Free drinks at Mel's work event, Beats after Sundown
The very best vacation buddy, my lil croissant 
Palms and sunshine

Selfies, before dinner

Prettiest soul sisters at the Delano Hotel

Can I live in this backyard forever 

Mel Meg and I 


And were never leaving

Ready for a twenty dollar cocktail, oh yes we are!
A view from above

LA la laaa

Ciao Miami you were wonderful, we will miss the cuban coffee corditas most!


Sun tea and novel weekends

Arts and crafts in saratoga 

It take two megan and her box of healthy living treats

Finished dyi 

Sweetest purse cat

Signs of spring in Troy
Ready for spring