Friday, January 11, 2013

New year, new coat (channeling Anne Hall)

Imagines via Le fashion and because im addicted

December Trip to Florida


 Photos from Honestly WTF & the selby

The end of 2012

Skiing with the boys at Killington in VT

Winter Wonderland

Wine bar!

Cat Ornament
Mom and Gma posing Hunter
Christmas present from Dad

The coolest ski mittens, rabbit fur and all hand beading (so gorgeous)

Antler Candlesticks from Mom
Ladies Lunching

Welcome to Vermont
Tom experiencing the Red Onion sandwich in Burlington

Love Church street during Christmas
Getting dumped on in Johnson, VT

Alyssa and I outside the Matterhorn #apreski

The Hoffman ladies and I at Stowe

Happy New Years Eve from Tom at Stratton in VT

Outside our Ski chalet!
Ski bunny Tom

Gorgeous view at Stratton 

Puppet shoe at Apre ski

Megan and I at Stratton

Torch parade at Stratton 

My cat love and the lamp my brother made me for christmas!

More snow activities
Happy 2013!
In my next life I want to come back as this dog.