Sunday, February 13, 2011

Best & Worst Dressed- Grammys 2011

I love award shows, because you can see so many fashion trends in one place.  However, musicians unlike actors are so much more fun and creative with their personal styles.  Here are my picks for best dressed and worst dressed of the night.

                                                                     Best Dressed
I love princess RIRI she can do nothing wrong, except maybe ever talk to Chris Brown again.  This dress is just enough and is so her.  Her hair and makeup is flawless, she looks beautiful and her performance was dannnnnk.

Gahh too perfect, I love menswear and Janelle Monae pulls it off effortlessly.  
I wish Florence and the Machine won best new artist, but they didn't.  Honestly, I'm just happy Bieber didn't win against such amazing musicians, since he's a talentless little spawn and has the craziest look in his eye.

Speaking of Bieber here is his publicitiy stunt of a girlfriend, because seriously look at this girl then look at Justin Bieber and try an explain why they would ever date.  Maybe she likes his personality?

Oh she went there and I don't hate it. You go girl!

Since she is usually fashion-challenged, I'm going to give it to her, even though I really don't want to.

This dress, this hair, this jewelry is perfection.  The fit is perfect on her and could not be more stunning. Side note: gold and metallic tones were very popular on the Red Carpet.

LADIEZZZ: This is how you make pregnancy look cool, and I thought only Nicole Richie could achieve that. Although, I wish she did some sort of necklace for a little extra juzzzza.

Kidman, mama you nailed this one.  I love this dress and finally her face doesn't look like something Signory Weaver killed in Alien.

Whatever Jennie from the Bloc is doing has to be illegal, because damnnnn this bitch looks good.  This dress is amazing and I would kill my dog for those shoes.

Worst Dressed

I usually love kitty purry, and when I say love I mean, sorta like, but I hate this look.

This is on a lot of best dressed lists and I couldn't disagree more.  It's too muchy for a C- list star and her shoes are so 2005.

I think Heidi Klum is the real deal and I usually love her youthful and fun looks, but this just is not right. It doesn't fit and it's missing her usual personalized touch.

Jewel did you not see How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, come on.

This girl is so annoying and I hate how people pretend she has good style.  Ok fine, I have a personal vendetta because she's kissed Puck and Fin, but still this dress blows.  

She's just being Miley, I like it but hate it all at once. hmm

I made this picture small on purpose, because Lady Gaga is a attention whore and showed up in an egg like a child.  That's all.

go native

This weekend in Boston was quite eventful, here we are at this amazing fur/leather stand.  Since native americans or Indians lived here first, they knew what was up, especially when it came to staying warm.  Therefore, it's only natural that today we rely on their fashion trends to stay warm and look cool! 
 Looking very Garbage Can Chic in fur hats (Kosher for boys and girls, as pictured).

We all wished these shoes came in adult sizes.

Rabbit fur head wrap in Quincy Market (Boston, Mass.)