Sunday, November 24, 2013

Theo & Beau: A Love Story

These are amazing.  Imagines via Mommas Gone City



Tom cheating on Mogul with our friends new Frenchie HUGO!
Christmas lights coming out in Downtown Troy

Saturday Morning breakfast of fresh green juice & black coffee
Apple Pie for Friendsgiving

Everything ready to go (obvi red wine and apples to apples in bag)

Friends at Friendsgiving
Prosecco and Pom seeds 

Holiday sangri gri (cranberry, apple, lemon, allspice and oranges made by Nat)
Gary the bird: so moist

Slicing Gary up

Mingling and Munching

Slight Saratoga snow squall (ssss)
Sunday Morning, snow didn't stick sadly!

Yaro and berry arrangement 

Dog human loves to cuddle
Holiday Swag
Sunday stuffed peppers with ground turkey and quinoa (my crockpot obsession continues)

Winter Whites

This Swedish cottage has me all sorts of excited for the holidays.  I love how they have just enough Christmas decor, it reminds me of a the kinfolk books. Enjoy!

Images via DustJacket