Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How does your garden grow?

Gardener Zach
Veggies and Vicky toes
Beets & beans


Some of the garden goodies

Here are some yummy veggies from my brother Zachs garden.  I must mention my dad and him had a friendly competition of whose garden would be better.  My Dad used seeds from the local feed store and Zach ordered a organic box of seeds online, I'm not sure how they're organic but they claimed the box of seeds were not genetically engineered like most seeds you buy.  My Dad, a avid food gardener, claimed Zach was a buffoon for spending money on "organic" seeds and a rivalry was born.  I have to say both gardens are pretty nice looking and I enjoy reaping the benefits of both; however, Zach is the winner in my eyes (sorry Dad).  Zach's seed box provided so many exquisite treats like heirloom tomatoes, while my dads garden is all beets.  I would say they are both skilled gardeners but Zach's variety and overall hippy flare (ie his garden has kale and leeks) win him best in show.  I guess it's sort of generational, Zach took a risk and grew things that we don't usually plant and my Dad stuck to what he knows, beans and beets.  Our generation is a less afraid to be different!

Cheers and I hope everyone can enjoy a fresh tomato on sandwich, because it is seriously unmatched by market products!  You go green thumb people!