Monday, November 7, 2011

No Shave November

No shave November, invented by the french.  No really, no shave November, if you don't know, is a nasty fundraiser for prostate cancer awareness.  Great cause, sort of gross outcome.  Now this month, November, is the month that men find it absolutely necessary and cool to growth out patchy, scratchy, and down right unattractive pub beards.  Now, I should explain that I enjoy a good rugged mountain man; however, most men cannot achieve that kind of epic beard, hence my use of the adjective patchy.  My other problem with men and facial hair is their choices on grooming....NEVER GROOM A BEARD, (one can trim the whole face, but one must never, ever, ever cut designs into ones face).

Now, men should also keep in mind that women love to get involved with any sort of fundraiser, especially when it has to do with men and their prostates.  Therefore, women are also not shaving...pause for reaction (TAKE THAT!! Hunny, don't you love the braid I just weaved out of my armpit? Chic ay?)  Anywayyyy, mustaches have been hip since monkeys and hit a peak when Sherlock Holmes sported his hella fab stache a couple decades ago.  So it's no surprise that mustaches have joined the rank and file must have absurdities of the fashion world.

Because let's be real, who doesn't absolutely need another sweater, especially with a mustache on it.

here's the man repeller herself...repelling men, attracting women

Mustache Necklaces.  Triple threat (funny, fashionable, and affordable) Urban Outfitters

Salvatore Dali showing us just how fashionable mustaches can be (I know, I know, I said no groomed facial hair, but I'll make an exception)

Me at work...showing you just how fashionable mustaches can be

Who wants a mustache ride!

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Photo Cred: the man repeller,  urban outfitters, amazon, salvator dali collection, and instagram for iphone

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