Friday, May 4, 2012

Sun and Sand

Free People.

Somebody get me to a beach STAT, also get me into that bikini and allow me to drink margaritas...this must be make believe.


36 Mile bike ride, the Mohawk River behind us!

The prettiest potted flowers

Tomato plant babies, basking in the sun

Perreca's outside patio, pretending we're in Tuscany

Rexford Apple Orchard

Cute lawn boy

Sleep critters
Bunch of Brunchers

My leftovers or lack there of

Couldn't make a dandelion crown

Salmon encrusted with Dijon and pistachios

The best cookies I ever made( Recipe)and red velvet cake  for a special birthday

My dad's version of Caprese: baked tomatoes, mozz and pesto

Relaxing on a chilly Sunday