Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Bingo Night


First use of the new car's bike rack

Mirror Lake, overlooking the town of Lake Placid

Elizabeth Arden Red Door

The greatest library nook

Creative mailbox

Tom, Hunter and I :)

Bike ride shot

Cascade mtn


   This week was in the 80's in New York...talk about summer fever, I was sweating all week in work while sneezing from allergies, oh and I made the switch to iced coffee.  It's funny there's this one time of year that the whole world changes and everyone switches from hot to iced coffee...I love that.  This weekend I went unexpectedly to Lake Placid and it was like summer up there...I got a sun burn people; however, I don't know if I got the sunburn from my morning bike ride or while drinking beer on a patio.  Hard To Tell.  I also saw the Hunger Games this weekend and it was surprisingly great!  I read the book series and liked it, but I almost think the movie was better...which is sinful, I KNOW.  Anyway, I took note that the lead actress Jennifer Lawrence looked a lot less hungry than most of Hollywood, which is ironic and refreshing, I also love that.  After I went to dinner with some folks and gawked at a table of huge bicep-ed black men ordering expensive things, obviously I asked if they were football players because I had too much wine; turns out they're martial artists and I'm nosy/need a life.  Curiouser Curiouser.  All in all I'm ready for summer, but it's now freezing again...the joys of New England.