Sunday, May 11, 2014


Iris' Goat farm!

Nubian Goats

Carly and Iris

Baby goat me and Carly
more goat selfies

in all my glory, can't wait to start my goat farm ;)

farmer gal chic

love daffodils in mason jars in antique stores

Downtown cambridge, Ny

Some excellent art in Iris's bathroom
the clampetts do a farmers market
There we go!

making an entrance

we need an extra hand, too many yummy bevies

Uncle sam stumble, dartying

lorin and sweet french bulldog HUGO

Happy Mothers day!! Here's my momma mid bike ride!


Getting Ready for the O'neil wedding! Pre makeup selfie
Loved these little succulents! 
Tom and his succulent 
Walsh and I 

Tom and I

The beautiful bride 

Mr & Mrs!

Hungover, but we got our plants!

Spring on my street

So cute in Troy

Mogul made a friend

Bright eats!

Happy Mothers Day

me and my beautiful and inspiring mama

Imagine Via Pinterest and Stone Fox Bride