Friday, June 8, 2012


      I read an article that my generation, (what are we called? I think my generation is called X) that more people my age have tattoos than not.  I guess I'm not surprised, I think my generation is a bit self-absorbed, including me.  We are a generation of facebookers, bloggers, instagramers and tweeters, which if you think about it, social media only works because of our own vanity.  We use social media because we need it, we care how we look or appear to look and we think people care how we look or how we appear to look.  Without my generations vanity, things like twitter and Facebook wouldn't exist.  I think they should call my generation, Generation Smoke and Mirrors, because we are masters of appearing one way, the way we want to appear, when we could be something totally opposite.  That being said, I think tattoos are like any form of expression my generation dapples in, they make us look cool.  However, I always think of tattoos like smoking; when cool people have them they're cool and if you're not cool you look like a hick.  Basically I love tattoos on other people, but I think I'm too neurotic to have one, also I'm 22 and I think the age gap for getting a tattoo is about 16-20 and after that it isn't cute and experimental anymore; you're just immature. Hah, funny how that works.
Erin Wasson

Kate moss


Sienna Miller

Harry potter!

In conclusion tattoos are so cool if you're so cool ie women above!

This week

Sassy and Chance

Snoring cat

GUAC and beer


Wild rice, mango, avocado, corn and cherry tomatoes

Zac Brown Band

Lovely country flower picks

I can seriously smell this flower

A sad attempt at business casual

Guilt purchase ( see below number 4)

Regular cream cheese banana bread, BUT with lemon and pecans on top. DYing