Monday, January 20, 2014

Holiday Nostalgia

Lets face it the holidays are just the best, something about all the cheer, giving, baking and skiing just really make me happy! Here's a holiday wrap-up (pun-intended) from christmas eve to new years day. #goodtimes
fur biscuits loving the tree

more furry friends after a few too many proseccos 
Mustache and lederhosen sporting gingermen
One of the greatest crafts I accomplished this year

time off = baking spree ( lots of ginger stout breads recipe via epicurious )

Favorite peeps

me and my gma and her famous reindeer cookies on xmas eve

Christmas eve dinner

Christmas morning 

Killington Ski Vacation 

Vermont is so perfect
Apre ski ready to get snowed in 

twister time..shoulda listened in hot yoga

mountain men ...sorta

Happy new years eve!! We love waffle cabins!!
Eeek, covered bridges in Woodstock, VT with the best people!

Im on a bridggge

Happy New year, from slightly hungover people!
In our element (Woodstock Inn in VT)

The most regal 
Finishing the year with a great book, The Defining Decade by Meg Jay (go buy this a quick and awesome read)

Brunching with some fellow troysters #girls

Paws up for the new year, it's gunna be a good one!

Waiting for me, can't pass up a good after holiday's a curse

I got it from my mama... #limeisnotacrime #brighterisbetter 


My favorite twinzz were home from the west, we obvi played banagrams 
This sign really spoke to me

Tea Partay

The end...back to work and spin class and salads and what not

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