Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Obession du jour

Some current obsessions that recently broke my very small bank account... this week.

Burt's Bee Tinted lip balm in HoneySuckle ( so great and baby pink @alyssahoffman "baby prostitute lipstick" aka pale pink)
Just got these suckers on sale at my version of church; Marshall's, and let me tell you I'll scare all the men away in these, but I'll collect all the ladiezzz!! (Steve Madden Shoes)
Love a good over sized sweater for fall and it's on sale!!!! ( Calvin Klein Collection)
I will never understand why women torture themselves with things like under-wire, anddd unless you're ano padded bras make you look like a german-milk-maid.  Therefore,  I give you the adult version of the training bra, literally the most comfortable thing your tits have been in since 'Nam.  (Honeydew Intimates)


CutCopy- Face to Face
Jack's Mannequin- Hostage (Off brand new CD)
Bassnectar- Basshead
Mamas is hankering for a creative outlet so I'm back all 7 of you!! RAHHH My mind is melting into a pool of watermelon sorbet on a hot JUULY day, especially with all my corporate work I have to do.  SO important.  Anyway it's Tuesday so here's a tragic song from the dead soul poet hunter that is, Bon Iver.