Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weekenders: Northern Exposure

eggplants for days

This little guy did a lot of damage ;)

Top of giant sad this was my view after a 5 hour hike.

Rock hoping in adk land

Lake placid!

Lake Placid Brewery (on a light wheat beer kick)

Oyster sampler and more wheat beer
Birch store goodies from Keene

Looks like fall
Church street I missed credit card did not.

Burlington with some local vermonters

The holy of all holiness: The red onion sandwich (drooolzz)

Lake Champlain at Grand Point North Festival
Cutie lobster roll at Grand Point North Festival
college friends! SMC alums enjoys some music

Grace Potter

Avett Brothers

Food tents
New sticker for my car, representing
Zach's first piece of hand made furniture!
Mom, Zach and I in front of a big red barn he calls school

Dorms in a silo (dying)

Tom and I at the Ommegang Brewery enjoying Anais Mitchell and Bon Iver


Skinny Love

Skinny love sandwich

Pretty beer tent

Booskin boy