Friday, July 20, 2012

Life lately

Celebrating my 23rd birthday!

German Chocolate Cake!

My favorite things for my birthday dinner

Free boot at Biergarden

Free jug at Stout?
Brueggars Cure

Free birthday paddle at Browns!

Lil k fagan

sharing some bday love with walshy

Troy Farmer's market (famous soft pecorino man)
Love wild flowers

Lobstahhh dinnnah
Like moths to a flame
Lil bonfire
LOX at Spillin the beans in troy

Sunflowers make me happy

Brody loves summer

Booshi loves air conditioning

Saratoga nook

Martini twins

     July is my second favorite month, right after October.  For one I was born in July and for some reason it seems all my friends are also born in July, not all of them but a large majority.  I love having a summer birthday, mostly because I love summer.  It seems there is always someone willing to do anything with you, whether it be laying in the sun, cruising like lance on a bike or drinking on a work night on top of a breezy rooftop bar.  I just lovvvve July and it sure has been off to a good start.

Life's a Beach

From St. Tropez to Manhattan Beach, photographer Gray Malin has shot a series of stunning beach scenes from a doorless helicopter. Can you guess which beach is which simply based on the color of the water and umbrellas?

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