Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back to back, Lover to lover, And black to red

The Blonde Salad

Black Clutch H&M and Red Bag proenza schouler

What to Wear: Thanksgiving

         Thanksgiving has been and easily will be, my favorite holiday FORRREVER; I just love it.  As a college student it meant coming home for a nice relaxing break,  then a return to school for a mad two-week dash to the finish of the semester.  Ah, to be young...now as a much more sophisticated college grad, I will most obviously be participating in the epic creation of the Thanksgiving feast, which I am quite excited about.  Now, I should mention that for some people the holidays can be a very stressful time, but can I ask why?  Thanksgiving should be about eating your face off, napping, and hugging loved ones.  However, I myself have heard some Thanksgiving horror stories as well as been apart of them.  For example, there always seems to be a problem amongst families as to where Thanksgiving will be held and who brings what.  Recently, my friend who is one savvy chef was asked to bring corn and bean casserole to her boyfriends house by said boyfriend's brother's girlfriend.  THIS IS WEIRD, YOU WANT ME TO BRING CORN?  Let me allow you to get this straight, my friend is a good cook and would enjoy baking a nice pie and maybe a squash dish, but she is allowed to make corn...HAH (have fun with that can opener lady).  Another friend made a ahhh-mazing pie last year, which gained praise form all her boyfriend's family.  She later heard her boyfriend's mother take claim over the pie. HAH, women.  Now...my family is no picnic but I love them, as a child of divorce holidaze can be downright demanding as one tries to be everywhere and make everyone happy, but divorce children rejoice (we get lots of dinners and champagne/wine....on my dad's side sambuca ...muahah).  I digress, now women and cooking can get ugly, especially when someone's yams are way crispier than someone else's yams and no ones is eating Aunt Jo's pie.  Therefore, one should always look awesome on Thanksgiving.  Whether you're spending your Thanksgiving with your family, friends, or boyfriend you can look great and festive.
        What to wear. Now, Thanksgiving is all about the food, so never wear anything that gets between you and your mom's stuffing.  That means no bangles ladiezzzz, to much jangle and not enough gravy.  Also, you want to be comfortable since you will be eating enough food to feed a village in West Africa, that means JEGGINGS/CORDUREGGINGS(corduroy leggings)/LEGGING...anything with a waistband.  Your shirt should also be comfy and warm, nothing too tight or sparkly and since your wearing leggings, it should maybe cover your camel toe and ass, just saying.  Since you're being comfy and lazy with your attire one should accessorize with some juzzzz, this means maybe a fancy necklace or earring to jazz up your sweater,blazer, jegging look.  Shoes can also make your outfit a bit more fancy, opt for anything be it boots, heels or flats.

Here's some looks for ya stylish selves...

1.) Comfy Chic: Large sweater, leather jegging and ballet flat (Cashmere Sweater, American Apparel Leather Leggings, Essie Nouveau Red and Marc by Marc Jacobs flats.)

2.) Comfy Fashionista: Pancho, large earrings, and booties (Missoni for target, Anita Ko Studs, and Wedge Pillows)

3.) Comfy Prep: Striped Shirt, Necklace, and flat boots (Stylemint Tees, Cookie 7 corduroy leggings, and  free people ankle boots)