Monday, June 11, 2012

Lovers in vain

This is the dreamiest of dream homes and belongs to Heidi Middleton of Sass and Bide via via Tales of Endearment


Call me Sir Lauren the Gouty

Summer dinner

Pretending to grill

Probably being bossy

Baby pony tail

franzzzz at our favorite bar

Hi I'm E.T. can I open your wine?

Hungover and my brother suggests a kale and cucumber beverage from his new juicer. KILL ME

Troy Farmers Market

Soft Pecorino, haven't been able to find it since we lived in Italy...she's VERY happy here.
I stick to my goat.

She wouldn't point to the goat cheese sign, like i asked
Favorite things on earth


Homemade sangria ( fresh fruit, cheap red wine and brandy)

Sun worshipers

Pool men