Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Is your cat gay?  "Does he smell like chanel  #5 and only eat ahi tuna?"
Yup. Talk to the paw bitch.
Soul Surfers

I saw this in the morning and thought to myself, "what a loser, learn to socialize in an appropriate manner"
The worst place on earth, bootleggers in Troy, Ny
Kissing Cousins, Friends and professional photographers
The BABYBOOMERS club: episode 2,  the morning after.

NOM NOM, hangover breakfast $13.00 for a bagel the size of a hockey puck
New Hat, new face?

Snow ball launcher, because every kid wants a snow ball to the face by a bully or a brother
EMS adventures
Must Have: A attachable lizard light
Ciao Chickens
I can't.
Sunday adventures in creep land

It's a war horse!

Moving in slow motion
My new bike!
Honey do this, honey do THAT!

Finally SUNDAY...honey and ginger lemongrass tea
This weekend I went out, slept, ate, went out, slept, ate and drank tea.  I must mention I saw a rather curious film on Saturday.  It was called Tinker Tailor Solider Spy and I don't know what kind of mushrooms the academy is on or I'm on for that matter, because this movie made absolutely no fucking sense; like none at all.  I consider myself a average human, with an above average useless fact collection, so I was embarrassed that I was too stupid to figure out something that was nominated for a golden globe.  Granted I was hungover and in a state of hunger delirium, but that's really no excuse...I'm usually in that state.   I hope I'm not as stupid as I fear.  In other news, I got this lemongrass ginger tea that makes me and everyone who drinks it have the weirdest dreams...we're all into it.  Oh and I went on a bike ride....DYKE ON A BYKE!!!Ciao Chickens