Sunday, February 16, 2014


Mogul and Hunter ready to cross country ski

Deep snow at Mohawk Valley Country Club

SO much snow!

Golden Boys

Hi Mom!
Making our trek back

Man down...when you try and put a leash on a wild beast
Mogul tired out after skiing with potter

Puppy Cousins playing in over a foot of snow 
Orchids lighting up the room
Lovers on a lazy Sunday

NYFW coats part duex: Polar Vortex Edition

Imagines via vogue, because im addicted and honestlywtf

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Cat TeePee

So I decided to build my cat a little teepee to take refuge from his annoying brother Mogul.  This teepee seemed easy enough to build, but proved a little more difficult when I actually had to drape the cloth around the sticks, but I worked it out well enough.   In conclusion, the cat loves hiding inside and it's cute and fun.
What you need:
5 same length sticks
2 yards fabric
Safety Pins
Leather rope
I was the creative director here

Potter and Tom

Step 4

And final teepee!