Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Summer in a Nut

Hey ya'll it sure has been awhile, it's been a very busy six months but I'm back and here are some fleeting summer pictures.  So these are more August and September then summer, but hey it ain't over til it's over!
We flew to new places, what up block island we love ya!

We ate burgers and liked it!

We watched sunsets over farms

We ate home grown heirloom tomatoes and swooned

We got our hands dirty farming with new chickens and a new puppy

We enjoyed summer catches 
We bet on horses, drank champagne and stole NFL coaches booths

We moved out and moved in!

We have chandeliers like Jay Gatsby 

We biked our butts off, logged 3500 miles on my odometer 
We walked church street like college freshman

We wished we had a book on north east flora and fauna 

We saw Grace Potter on Lake Champlain

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