Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Island friends

My lovey

Mocha Blend egg sammi

After dinner Cappuccino

Trinkets my mom got in Santa Fe

My new key chain

Bored on a Sunday drive

Aunt Kristen and I at the G-Mas

       This week/weekend was literally so slow and I have no idea why; maybe because I had no plans and was generally an emo human.  Anyway this week is off to a great start and I think I may buy my first car...hopefully I don't regret that financial move (please pray).  My problem is I cannot make up my mind, I have no idea when I became so indecisiveness, since I usually know exactly what I want to do, when I want to do it.
       I also saw fourteen minutes of the Oscar pre-show and was extremely unimpressed with the outfits and people in general.   I really liked Michelle Williams and the girl from The Descendants dress, I guess.  I also need to mention this, MARA ROONEY or Rooney Mara or whatever her name is; like the giants won, can you pay for a new haircut??...you're not Lisbeth Salander or Kurt Cobain; your Dad payed for you to have the best of everything, even a great award season, chill with the snark face and wear pink and curl your hair like a nice 1% girl would.   I think the problem with the red carpet this year was Anne Hathaway was nowhere in sight and that bitch brings the heat; ARMANI PRIVE anybody (2010) and do you remember her 400 outfits last year!!! She's pretty awkward and weird, but she can wear haute couture.  Can we also discuss Camern Diaz...when did she get so fucking old and why was Jennifer Lopez even there in her 2004 Grammy dress...go away and bring your infant boyfriend with you...I cant.  Also, I hate Ryan Secrest because he is Justin Bieber in 20 years and I absolutely loved when Borat poured ashed on his Burberry Tux, I have never seen anyone so pissed off on TV ever in my life  ( and I watch Mob Wives), so that was great.  Also what was Borat even doing, I didn't really take the time to understand his dictator reference; chill Borat your not Nicki Manaj.  Also, I loved some of  the dresses on hangers, but they just weren't right on the actress'.  For example, I loved the Sp 2012 ellie saab collection; in fact I posted a picture of the great mint green fairyland delight and someone wore it and I hated it...which goes to show sometimes the dress is bananas and looks like monkey poop on you.
     In other news I downloaded Lana del Rey and I really like the song Radio...this is sort of awkward because I really had no idea who she was until someone told me to watch their favorite new singer form Lake Placid, (where I ski) on SNL....and then it got really awkward.  She performed.  She kind of sucked, but hey we can't all be gifted and good looking.  I was pretty harsh on her when I saw/heard her for the first time on SNL with my mom, we had a good wine buzz and could not stop laughing.  Then a few weeks later I listened to it on the radio and it sounded great...awkward.

Have A Great Week Kids!

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