Monday, January 2, 2012

New years resolutions for slobs like me

 1.) If you're like me and enjoy unhealthy living it's time to do everything you enjoy less such as shopping, drinking, eating, and drinking and start doing things you hate more; such as cardio.

 2.) If you're like me and reaching your mid twenties, it's time to stop blacking out and move out of your parents house, maybe even get a job.

 3.) Stop supporting the Kardashian franchise, it's not fair you work all day for food and they do nothing and have a birkin in every color; watch something worthwhile, such as Super Soul sunday on OWN. Just Saying.

 4.) Your mother is right, you need a hair cut. I know the homeless look is in but, your head is starting to resemble a goodlendoodle that's never been groomed.

 5.) Read a book, not on your iPad or kindle; go to walmart and pick up a seven dollar best seller and enjoy. LEARN SOMETHING.

 6.) Purchase a hard drive. It's time, the time is not when you just lost your abroad pictures and 3,000 iTunes songs.

 7.) Stop complaining, your life is not bad and if it is stop telling me and see a therapist, get a prescription for lexapro.

 8.) Invest your money and fill up your passport with stamps, before it expires or you find yourself  married or with child.

 9.) Get a cat, I swear it's awesome.

10.) Realize how lucky you are everyday and be thankful. Do something for someone other than yourself.  Realize the falseness of stuff and always question what you're told.

 Cheers to 2012, let's get it going.

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