Thursday, February 24, 2011


TopShop has the greatest jewelry right now and it's so cheap its almost unfair; I feel like I'm stealing from Kate Moss herself.  When I say I'm stealing from Kate Moss, what I mean is, I feel like I'm stealing from TopShop and since everyone in America thinks of Kate Moss when you say TopShop your stealing from her, which creates a inflation for the coke dealers in London.  So go on and buy some juzz so Kate Moss can feed her addiction and her child.  Also, when I say cheap, I mean everything is under 45 dollars.
I like that these are mismatched earrings, I myself do this often, but I've never seen them mismatched to buy.

I used to make wire jewelry and its pretty easy to do, just take a little rock or gem and tie wire around it with a hook to attached to a gold chain and VOILA!

I love coins!!!!

Fish sculls can be found in the garbage can and its cool, that means it's garbage can chic.

I love a good clusterfuck, actually thats a huge lie.  There's nothing I hate more than crowds and people, but when it comes to jewelry I love a clusterfucked-up mess.

Ohh pretty

Hammered underrated.

This is from the gods themselves, Hermes deff wore this everyday as he flew around Mt Olympus.  Get it it looks Greek. 

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