Monday, December 5, 2011


Friday: Drove to Boston from work to see my best college friends at the Chateau De Cristo in Boston, Ma.  It was a great college graduate good time, we drank wine ate d'oeuvres (that was hard to spell) and then headed out for a lovely adult evening.  We ate at cheers (which was as disgusting as it sounds), but we got a nice buzz going and continued to a bar with a TEN DOLLAR COVER...looks like I wasn't in Troy anymore.  Then we all blacked out, danced our face off, lost an iphone in a cab and ordered pizza late night; ending our adult evening on the childish side, just the way I like it.
Here are some lovely St Mikes alumni (that includes you on the right)

Santa and her helpers, right in time for the holidaze!

HAPPY 23RD Jennie, you old as FUCK!

Love you Mushy!
How do you always find Tall Boyz, wherever you go?!

Dancing Queen at the Bell in Hand in Boston, MA

Here we are taking a break from our black girl dance fantasy ( lets just say a fan, hair whipping, and beats were involved and my thighs are still sore)
Sums up our college years to a t
Saturday I woke up early due to my pesky internal clock and watched a strange new video by lady gaga, with my pals as we ate key lime pie and discussed the relevance the current presidential election...JUST KIDDING we commiserated about our hangovers and lost items.  Then I drove back to New York, where I relaxed the rest of the weekend.
This is a metaphor for my hangover Saturday.
Casual Saturday night dinner
Casual King Tut Cat

A sample of the new (holy prep attack) monogram necklace I got! JOY

Sunday I decorated the Christmas tree with my mother and pooch, while watching the harry potter marathon and eating stew and drinking some red vino. (Who says living at home at 22 is for imbeciles, I'm secretly starting to love it BEWARE MOTHER.)

My L Ornament, because it's the greatest letter eva

Some of my favorite things via ornament given to me over the years: Starbucks, tennis, Hunter, Paris, and elephants!

Hunter baby all ready for santa ( or is he Max from the Grinch?)

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