Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marshall's Finds

Marshall's finds update: I fully intended on returning one of these two pairs of shoes; however, I don't think I can, sorry Lauren your Marshall's/TJ MAXX card will suck the life out of your paycheck this week. I thought when I walked in the door with two new pairs of shoes my mom would yell that I can't buy SHOES when I need to move out, save for a new car, and pay her back for college(HAHA),  but in a strange turn of events the anxiety I had due to my shopholic tendencies was relived when my mother demanded I tell her where she could buy the "darling" flats and that the boots are to "trendy" not to keep. THANKS MOM...side note: as of late my mother has been on a copycat spree via my footwear, every shoe I have bought recently she has somehow found a cheaper better version of my own...and I know "you're a cool mom" but I don't like walking the dog in the same coat and shoes as you (to be far I think you had the coat first)...."like mother like daughter is bs" Ciao
HOLY NUDDIE :DV booties original price 99, snagged em for 45!

MORE NUDDIE:  DV flats original price 79, snagged for 29!!!!
Marshall's has the best balsamic and olive oils, although I didn't by this one with my name on it; I did buy some fig flavored balsamic

New yoga mat for the new yogi boi, orginally 30, snagged for 12!! OMMM

After Marshall's we were starving from all the great deals and power shopping, so we ate soy sauce for dinner.

Wait where did you go...haha(camo)

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