Monday, November 14, 2011

Red berries

My Grandmother and Mother have a great obsession with red berries, I have no idea why; but my relatives find it totally life altering to walk in the woods in order to find red poisonous berries to decorate our home with (hope my cat doesn't eat one).  Anyway, here's my roommate and I gathering red berries, quite dangerously on the side of the road. SOS

After finding all sorts of red berries, we celebrated with a bottle of chardonnay and a ham shank.  After consuming the bottle we cuddled up and watched Harry Potter 7.5 by the fire.  I like Sundays, still don't care for ham.
Mother trimming her bush

Vigorous work, but hey "the back of your head is ridiculous"

aw yea, berry can chic

Oh HAYY. Just toting some berries

Yea, job well done

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