Monday, October 31, 2011

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2011

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but when did Halloween become so intense.  I mean of course I dressed up as a child and did the whole begging for candy with my little mermaid pillowcase (wishful thinking), buttt as I reached the age that it was childish to go even "fake" trick or treating (age 13) Halloween sort of got awkward.  For example, you could roam around the neighbor or in my case a friends neighborhood, terrorizing homes via ding dong ditch and shaving creme wars, but as middle school ended and high school began Halloween kind of didn't exist.  Then, you go to college and Halloween is the greatest thing ever, minus maybe spring weekend or ST pattys day..  However, NOW it seems that Halloween has invaded the high school world...I blame facebook, mean girls, and celebrities.  Facebook shows small children (high schoolers), how much fun college parties are that it's totz cool to dress up like a lil hoe in freezing cold weather and wear assless chaps.  Mean girls basically put Halloween on the map and showed young female adults that women fit in one of two're either the hoe (sexy bunny, kitty, mouse) that bought your costume from a bag ORRR you're not a hoe (for lack of a better word) and you dress as something funny/scary and you create the costume yourself.  That being said all celebrity's, minus a cool few are the hoe.  Here are some hoes/not hoes dressed for Halloween! 

This is the greatest thing I've ever seen.  I am assuming it's Jack and Sally from a Nightmare before Christmas.  Is it wrong I would dress like this everyday?

Tina Fey as Rachel Zoe attacked by Peta! But really, I have no idea what she is?

This girl is def not a hoe; however, I feel strongly that women never dress up as Disney princesses. STRONGLY.

Hiedi Klum: Gorgeous supermodel, actress, tv personnel, AWESOME CHIC.  I feel like I want to be her bestie, shes so cool and loves Halloween and every year she wows me.  Here she is a skinless body WTF?! FREAK

Snickers she's no hoe to me, surprisingly. Although she is a tad stupid and sloppy, girls got some original swagger cred, here she is as herself, wearing her own tanning lotion called SNOOK-n-fry.

Here is a hoe, trying to disguise her hoeness. Like gross, why are you the white swan you insane perve.

HOE : Insert Kardashian divorce joke here __________________________________.   I also feel strongly that no one ever have red hair.

I saw this on tv the other day, so funny. All hoes.

Nahhhhhhhhhh PROLLY NOT

Photo Cred: Us Weekly

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