Sunday, February 6, 2011

interlocking. Yes!!!

I have to say, nothing compares to the feeling of being completely content in the current moment of time. Such as when I nail a chili recipe and it tastes absolutely dank and I'm showered with compliments. Or, when I feel like I just owned a run down the mountain carving the most miraculous turns as spectators above me on the chairlift look in awe and envy of my technique. It makes me feel somewhat intelligent and  noteworthy really. OR, when you make that purchase of an article of clothing and you just know that it will become a staple piece that you not only rely on 4 days of the week but also make it a notorious swagg that viewers begin to associate you with. Is that necessarily a good thing? Or just becoming dependent on one thing instead of breaching out to other aspects or errr articles of clothing? Is this a metaphor or just a disgustingly stupid rant about  my obessession with stripes and the Gap? (Totally underrated by the way). I do love stripes. Partially because I am somewhat of a prep but also because I adore the endless combinations of color and thickness each pattern encompasses. I like Gap because they do have those staple items that are totally reliable yet give enough room for you to put your own personal touch and sway on. The Gap also has almost unfair sales and markdowns. It's like a relationship with a lover really. Wait two weeks before you purchase and youll end up only paying a quarter of the price. AKA hard to get. Get it?????
hugz n kissez
----The Mush

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