Monday, February 7, 2011

cyclops for dinner

Today was a weird one, probably because I have been all gloom and doom because of this apocalyptic snow.  Here are some things that make me happy when the weather is figuratively bringing me down; literally due to the 2 feet of snow on my car I can't move and on my walk out of my house I just disappeared in a pile of crunchy white death.  It may sparkle like diamonds but it ain't real.  Anyway I suggest you all
1.) Buy a really cool coffee table book you actually want to read and is nice to look at or check one out in your local library.
2.) Go buy Sally Hansen Leopard Print stick on nail polish; it's a pain in the ass, but so worth it and it will jazz up your dark nail routine.
3.) Make a large wintery cocktail maybe something with scotch or whiskey...are they wintery?  GREAT to come!

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